Alii Gown Reproductions Exhibited Throughout Royal Residence

HONOLULU (January 2017) – The newest additions to Iolani Palace’s collections feature the timeless flare of royal fashion and style with four gowns from the Alii Gown Reproduction Project. The pieces are recreations of dresses worn by Queen Kapiolani and Queen Liliuokalani and are currently on dispaly in the Throne Room of the Palace.

The alii sought out the top dressmakers from around the world to create their gowns in the latest fashions while adding their own unique Hawaiian influence to the designs such as lei hulu, peacock feathers and other elements rooted in their culture.

“Members of the Kalakaua dynasty were very fashion-forward and embraced both the modern world and traditional Hawaiian culture,” said Kippen de Alba Chu, executive director of The Friends of Iolani Palace. “The Alii Gown Reproduction Project provides visitors with a stunning glimpse into one aspect of the Hawaiian Monarchy.”

The Friends of Iolani Palace commissioned Hawaii Island-based historical designer
Iris Viacrusis to recreate iconic pieces from the monarchy era. The reproduction garments include:

  • Queen Kapiolani’s peacock feather gown
  • Queen Liliuokalani’s ribbon gown
  • Queen Kapiolani’s lei hulu gown
  • Queen Liliuokalani’s ostrich feather and lilac gown

The Palace hopes to expand the project with more royal garments as additional funding is secured. To support to the Alii Gown Reproduction project, contact Pomai Toledo, Director of Development for The Friends of Iolani Palace, at (808) 522-0827 or via email at

About Iolani Palace
Iolani Palace is the only official residence of royalty in the United States. King Kalakaua was the first reigning monarch to travel around the world and built Iolani Palace in 1882 to enhance the prestige of Hawaii overseas and to mark Hawaii’s status as a modern nation. For more information, please call Iolani Palace at (808) 522-0822 or visit