Business Giving

The Importance of Business Involvement

Business and corporate support is vital to helping The Friends of Iolani Palace in the stewardship and preservation of this Hawaiian landmark. The Friends of Iolani Palace welcomes business and corporate sponsorship and underwriting of events, activities, and special programs.

To find out more about how your corporation can be recognized for presenting quality community programming at the Palace, please contact the Palace Director of Development.


Recognition and visibility: Underwriters can receive local and national visibility through association with Iolani Palace. Iolani Palace special events draw decision-makers, business executives, government employees, scholars, professionals, kupuna, and people from every part of the community.

Visibility is further enhanced to tourists, tour groups, and convention visitors who are increasingly making Iolani Palace a special destination for cultural and historic tourism.

Benefits may also include recognition in media and promotional materials, complimentary tickets to events, and special recognition in events and programs.

Tax deductions: Business and corporate charitable expenses and contributions are tax-deductible in various ways to the extent provided by law. Consult with your tax adviser for details.

Giving Ideas

Corporate Sponsorship Programs

The Friends of Iolani Palace welcomes corporate involvement in sponsoring and underwriting events, activities, and special programs. We will work with you to find out how to meet your charitable and business objectives. Please contact the Palace Director of Development to find out how your business can help contribute.

Direct Cash Contribution

Direct cash contibutions may provide deductions from pre-tax net profits.

Matching Gifts: Binding The Strength of Companies and Employees

Matching gifts programs are an easy way to support the organizations and causes that are important to your employees. When an employee makes a donation to his/her favorite charity, the company matches that donation to a certain percentage, up to a specified limit per calendar year.

Dollars for Doers

Employees who volunteer can develop their skills and spirits. To reward the efforts of employees who are active volunteers, you might consider making a donation for a certain number of hours of volunteer time.

You might also consider other ways to support your employees' spirit and community engagement. These could include supporting employee fundraising runs and walks where the employee's choose the charities or allocate percentages to various charities, or supporting the efforts of company volunteers by allowing them to volunteer a small portion of time on company time.

Gifts In Kind

Donations of goods or services can expand your company's charitable giving. In-kind donations are goods and services provided at reduced or no cost to The Palace in lieu of a monetary gift. These contributions can consist of products, supplies, property, or excess inventory. They can also include services such as printing and catering.