Na Moolelo Lecture Series — “Allodial Title: Who Owned the Crown Lands” with Donovan Preza

WHEN: Sunday, March 8, 2020 | 3:00 – 4:30 pm
WHERE: Kanaina Building, Iolani Palace

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Iolani Palace invites you to join us at our Na Moolelo Lecture Series. The lectures feature presentations by Hawaiian cultural experts, historians, and museum professionals that will prompt discussion of Hawaii history and culture as well as museum practices. View all upcoming lectures here.

The free Na Moolelo Lecture series continues Iolani Palace mission to preserve and share Hawaii’s unique cultural and historical qualities with the community.

Allodial Title: Who Owned the Crown Lands

Recent attempts to address historical injustices related to Hawaiian land and more specifically the Crown Lands have been resurfacing in the news over the past couple of years. These arguments are focused on Hawaiian land terminology such as “allodial,” “freehold,” “fee-simple,” etc. This talk will attempt to define these terms and will go on to explain how the “Republic of Hawaii” transmuted private property (the Crown Lands) into government property (the Public Lands) without compensation.

Speaker: Donovan Preza

Donovan Preza is a Hawaiian Studies Instructor at Kapiolani Community College. His research interests include the Mahele of 1848 and Hawaii’s transition to private property. His MA Thesis The Empirical Writes Back: Re-examining Hawaiian Dispossession Resulting from the Mahele of 1848 argued that overthrow of Hawaiian governance, rather than the creation of private property, was the cause for Hawaiian’s loss of land in the 20th century.

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All discussions will take place in the Kanaina Building on the Palace Grounds. Admission is free.