Vision & Strategic Priorities

In December 2003, The Friends of Iolani Palace began an institutional capacity effort to evaluate its organizational effectiveness and strengthen its ability to carry out its mission. The vision statement and strategic plan is an outgrowth of the effort and was developed by the Friends of Iolani Palace.

Vision Statement: Iolani Palace in 2014

Our vision: Iolani Palace is a living restoration of a proud Hawaiian national identity and is recognized as the spiritual and physical multicultural epicenter of Hawaii, representing the thriving dignity of the unique people of Hawaii.

Strategic Priorities: 2005-2009

Strategic Priority 1: Implement a program of interpretive planning that carries out the 2014 Vision and provides direction and focus for the programs and activities of Iolani Palace and the larger Iolani Palace historic site.

Strategic Priority 2: Develop and implement an Iolani Palace collecting plan, consistent with Mission and the Interpretive Plan, for future collecting and preservation of historical materials related to the history of Iolani Palace and grounds.

Strategic Priority 3: Develop a comprehensive and long-term plan to increase financial support for Iolani Palace programs and activities from both contributed funds and earned revenue.

Strategic Priority 4: Strengthen Iolani Palace's organizational capacity, at both the board and staff level, to support the 10-year vision and strategic priorities of the organization.