Other Collection Items

Miscellaneous Objects and Furnishings

The images below refer to a variety of miscellaneous objects and furnishings found in the ʻIolani Palace collections. The versions shown are not the only ones that existed, but the marks, patterns, and materials are indicative of a royal provenance. If you think you may have original items from the Palace collections, or have information about their whereabouts, please contact the Curator.

Collection Items

Crown, motto, and King Kalākaua's monogram on silver-plated brush

Crown, motto, and King Kalākaua's monogram on silver-plated brush

Crown, motto, and a KIK monogram on silver-plated brushes

Cigarette case with crown and King Kalākaua's monogram

Silver cup with crown and monogram

Napkin ring with crown and monogram

Royal seal with crown

King Kalākaua's seal with "K"

Wall mirror detail

Lathe-turned kou calabash with lid

Milo calabash with lid

Hale Naua calabash with cover

Coconut calabash with base

Detail of crown and King Kalākaua's monogram on calabash

Venus de Milo plaster cast - originally displayed in the King’s Library

Spelter statues: Spelter is a metal alloy made with zinc. It was a popular inexpensive substitute for bronze in the late nineteenth century. Cast spelter statues were often patinated or painted to emulate bronze. A figure from a Grand Hall wall niche has yet to be located. Smaller statues were scattered throughout the Palace, including those displayed on wall brackets in the King's Bedroom and Library.

King Kalākaua's monogram