Military Accessories

Military Accessories and Clothing

One of Kalākaua’s first acts as King, was reestablishing the Hawaiian military which included the Royal Guard and several other companies. The images below showcase items from the Palace collection of military accessories and clothing. The versions shown are not the only ones that existed, but the markings, patterns, insignia and colors are indicative of royal provenance.

Many military items such as uniforms, hats, swords, patches, buttons and other accessories from the Guard and other companies are still in private hands. If you think you may have original items from this collection or have information about their whereabouts, please contact the Curator.

Historic photos are from the Hawaiʻi State Archives.

Collection Items

Detail of sword with King's monogram and crown

Sword handle with King's monogram and crown

Sword hanger

Helmet with motto and crown

Helmet with crown

Helmet with King Kalākaua's monogram and crown

Monogram on epaulets in case

Crown on stirrup

Crown and leaf motif on hat

Detail of taro leaf and fern motif on court uniform

Taro leaf detail on belt

Belt with crown buckle and taro leaf insignia

Embroidered crown patch

Epaulets with crown motif

Buckle with crown

Helmet ornament with King's monogram

Crown pin

Belt buckle

Belt buckle with King Kalākaua's monogram

Helmet ornament with crown and monogram

Helmet decoration with crown, motto, and King Kalākaua's monogram

Crown ornament

Button with crown and King Kalākaua's monogram

Back of button shown to left

Cufflinks made from uniform buttons with coat of arms and crown