Historic Photos

Historic Photos of Palace Rooms and the Monarchy Period

Monarchy era photos of Palace rooms, people, and events provide valuable information about original Palace furnishings, which the Palace Curator’s office references during research. If you have a photo that may help with this research, please contact the Curator.

Historic photos may help you identify or begin to ask questions about objects that you have or know about.

All photos are from the Hawaiʻi State Archives.

Collection Items

Throne Room post 1887

Throne Room - display of gifts presented to King Kalākaua during his birthday jubilee in 1886

Grand Hall with original carpet and decorative objects in wall niches

Blue Room - with a collection of Rococo Revival chairs

The King's Library - showing Gothic Revival desk

The King's Library bookcase

The King's Bedroom

The Queen's Bedroom

The Queen's Bedroom dresser

Coronation Pavilion decorated for Kalākaua's coronation

King Kalākaua with Japanese Imperial prince and government officials in Japan, 1881

Queen Kapiʻolani, consort of King Kalākaua

Queen Liliʻuokalani, last ruler of the Hawaiian Kingdom

The Royal Hawaiian Band

The Royal Guard in front of the Barracks