**Retrofit Project Brings Interior Rooms to Life and Illuminates the Hawaiian Flag at Night**

HONOLULU (Aug. 28, 2017) –Iolani Palace has created an energy-efficient future without compromising its historic past through a LED Retrofit Project. The project included the installation of 1,030 new LED lights throughout the Palace to replicate the Palace lighting during the time of the Hawaiian Monarchy and has so far reduced the national landmark’s monthly lighting energy costs by 7.8 percent and resulted in savings of just under $1,200 per month.

“The LED Retrofit Project elevates King Kalakaua’s vision to the next level as incandescent bulbs are fast becoming obsolete, just like gas lanterns did in the late 1800s,” said Kippen de Alba Chu, executive director of The Friends of Iolani Palace. “Iolani Palace still shines authentically, but now with even more beauty and detail. And at night, you can now clearly see the Hawaiian flag flying proudly, no longer hidden by the cover of darkness.”

The new LED lights not only mimic the lighting that was used during the Monarchy era, it also resembles the actual fixtures of the time. For example, each of the individual bulbs of the original chandeliers in the Throne Room and Blue Room were replaced with ones that are similar to incandescent lights, which even include a filament detail. Additionally, the new lighting allows visitors to enjoy more of the interior colors and features while at the same time being much less damaging to artifacts because LEDs do not emit ultraviolet radiation, unlike other light sources.

Iolani Palace worked with Hawaii Energy and Lumenal Lighting to incorporate energy saving solutions that blended into the Palace’s physical appearance. The nearly $87,000 project, paid for by a grant from the Hawaii State Legislature, took several years from start to finish because of the amount of bulb testing required to find the right design, color and intensity that closely matched incandescent lighting. Hawaii Energy provided a more than $13,000 rebate to help reduce the initial cost of the project.

“Iolani Palace serves as a model for how historic sites can evolve in an energy-efficient world,” said Brian Kealoha, Executive Director of Hawaii Energy “We are proud of the partnership with Iolani Palace to help reduce energy usage and pursue a 100 percent clean energy future. We look forward to helping other island organizations, businesses, and families save money by saving energy.”

About Iolani Palace
Iolani Palace is the only official residence of royalty in the United States. King Kalakaua was the first reigning monarch to travel around the world and built Iolani Palace in 1882 to enhance the prestige of Hawaii overseas and to mark Hawaii’s status as a modern nation. For more information, please call Iolani Palace at (808) 522-0822 or visit

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